Building a Modeling Portfolio

So, Do you want to become a Model? You may want to read my forum Photography Rates, I charge for each session so that the model, who usually doesn’t have much money, can afford to get started, with sessions set up to stair step his/her way into an established a modeling portfolio over time. Since most Modeling websites start you with just Four Images, it can be as little as a Portrait Session around $150 with 2-3 headshots and 1-2 full body shots, with either a nude or swimsuit image. Depending on where you live, the cost can be a whopping $25,000 like Las Vegas. Any additional images and time involved, MUA/H and Wardrobe assistant may also be included into a much more rounded number. Between your expectations and your Photographer’s rates and packages this could be typically around $800-$1200. You wouldn’t be limited to a standard 4 images. You would most likely be including 4-5 changes, with a Mua/H and Wardrobe assistant. Time could be 3-4 hours and up to 30 edited images with up to 4 genres. I have a dynamic personality to my photography side in which being on both sides of the camera, I serve as a model coach, wardrobe assistant and a makeup artist. I hire a makeup artist or MUA/H so that I can ultimately just coach, shoot and edit. That in itself is quite a package deal! When I need new images, in my own Photography Portfolio I tend to do casting calls for TF*. I also do TF* for special things I’d like to try, called test shoots.  like  or  for all castings. There are also openings for a “Muse” which typically is a Model who is a beginner for TF* or a semi-experienced Model who needs rare time for guidance and coaching. “Muses” tend to work solely with the Photographer for many “Test Shoots” and available and willing to do any genre. A Muse typically gets paid from the Photographer or there is an agreeable exchange of something, such as: but not limited to, Advertisements, Tear Sheets, clothing, money or edits, etc.Each Photographer is different and just like the Model, they both are an important Role in any artistic venture. Happy shooting =)I will be looking for a “Muse” for some temporary video exploration! I have some candidates in mind. But I am always open to some volunteers.

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