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  • TFP, What does this stand for? It means Time for Prints but rarely do Photographers give out prints. They do however, make a print ready cd/dvd with a photographer release so that you may get prints yourself. Blue Cube Imaging is quality and a good price. There are many others online, Shutterfly is a favorite of mine.TF is really what you need to know and this is an exchange between your time and the photographers. Communicating what you would like to exchange and the photographer may do the same. Once you can agree then the shoot can be scheduled. You may exchange for clothing, advertising on their website, print for their portfolio and most times a credit to your own as well. Exchange for all the images or selected edited images. You then can pay to have a Retoucher edit the images for your portfolio. A Retoucher typically runs anywhere from $10 on up for each image. A Photographer usually grades himself/herself by the years of experience. As does a Model. A Model and a Photographer may have equal experience with many years of not only experience but also credits, accomplishments, tear sheets, publications, workshops.If you feel you are worthy of being a paid model then some things to consider: You are working with Photographers who want to learn from you and use your time to get better with their photography. You are helping them get repetitive experience with lighting, backdrops and location light, time of day lighting and many other things. They aren’t ready to direct a model. You need to be at the top of your game, moving all of the time. Having a rhythm, an almost silent communication between you and the camera. When you hear a click of the camera, go into your next movement. It’s not just your head. It is your whole body, your emotion and especially you limbs. It is a dance between you and your environment. It is not about you. Being aware of props around you and utilizing them. Knowing freedom of movement, knowing what positions look flattering in the view of the camera. These are just some of the ways to know if your confidence behind the camera validates your time and worth. Remember TF may not get you the most professional images in your portfolio, although there are many Photographers who are extremely top of their game and still work with Models for TF and give you amazing images to advance you. Being selective and doing your research pays off, if you want to succeed in modeling. Your portfolio sells you for photographers, clients, publishers, print jobs, advertisements, clothing lines, editors and more. Btw, sometimes many shoots under your belt will give you an insight to knowing your focus and it certainly helps with confidence and knowing your body on front of the camera. Meanwhile, try to get some focus on what your profile should say about you. What genre are you best suited for? Then go after the Photographers that can develop your portfolio into the best selling device, the portrayal of you, the Model. So much more to add to this forum. I appreciate your questions and feedback Also Read.    More to come…Like this post to subscribe to the topic.
  • Hi,I’m not a model, I’m a photographer, but I thought I might share some thoughts that went through my head when I read Chani’s well written article.First of all, I think TF* is a great way of cooperation between model and photographer. Both sides do the job free of charge which is basically the same as both sides charging each other insane amounts of money for high quality work.The risk of TF* is that one party might be significantly weaker than the other. Which means, either the model or the photographer might end up with crappy pictures. So with TF*, and especially if you don’t know the party you’re working with, you might win or lose. No matter if you’re the model or the photographer. But here comes the good part of TF*: You have invested only as much as the other party did. You might lose time and work, but you’re not losing lots of money.As Chani already mentioned, do your homework! Research the people you work with! If you feel like you’ll be the losing part of the deal, stay away.However, I’d really like to point out, that TF* is basically the only affordable way to get your foot into this industry. If you’re thinking about applying for a well paying modeling (or photography) job, you better have a kick-ass portfolio to present. Just take a look at or other modeling sites and you’ll find 90% of the portfolios are not very impressive. Either the model or the photographer sucked big time.Professional attitude is everything in this business. If you’re less experienced than your counter part, shut up and learn whatever you can get out of your shoot.If you don’t want to do TF*, then you need to pay some very good photographers a nice amount of money to shoot a good portfolio for you. Always keep in mind, you’ll need practice and you’ll need good results to present to potential employers. Nobody’s going to buy anything that doesn’t convince him before he makes the purchase. An excellent portfolio is your first and very basic step into this business. You need to get it, one way or the other.
  • André Babiak, I just read your comment… so late, I apologize. Thank you for your input to my forum!How much do Photographers typically charge for a portfolio?For me as a Photographer, I charge for each session so that the model, who usually doesn’t have much money, can afford to get started, with sessions set up to stair step his/her way into an established portfolio over time. Since most Modeling websites start you with just Four Images, it can be as little as a Portrait Session around $150 with 2-3 headshots and 1-2 full body shots, with either a nude or swimsuit image. Depending on where you live, the cost can be a whopping $25,000 like Las Vegas. Any additional images and time involved, MUA/H and Wardrobe assistant may also be included into a much more rounded number. Between your expectations and your Photographer’s rates and packages this could be typically around $800-$1200. You wouldn’t be limited to a standard 4 images. You would most likely be including 4-5 changes, with a Mua/H and Wardrobe assistant. Time could be 3-4 hours and up to 30 edited images with up to 4 genres. I have a dynamic personality to my photography side in which being on both sides of the camera, I serve as a model coach, wardrobe assistant and a makeup artist. I usually hire a makeup artist or MUA/H so that I can ultimately just coach, shoot and edit. That in itself is quite a package deal! When I need new images, in my own Photography Portfolio I tend to do casting calls for TF*. I also do TF* for special things I’d like to try, called test shoots. There are also openings for a “Muse” which typically is a Model who is a beginner for TF* or a semi-experienced Model who needs rare time for guidance and coaching. “Muses” tend to work solely with the Photographer for many “Test Shoots” and available and willing to do any genre. A Muse typically gets paid from the Photographer or there is an agreeable exchange of something, such as: but not limited to, Advertisements, Tear Sheets, clothing, money or edits, etc.Each Photographer is different and just like the Model, they both are an important Role in any artistic venture. Happy shooting =)I will be looking for a “Muse” for some temporary video exploration! I have some candidates in mind. But I am always open to some volunteers.

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    Boudoir Photography Sessions
    I can’t say for my readers, what comes to mind when you see the word “Boudoir”, but I do know, from my years in front of a camera and now, I can say behind the camera, that this type of Photography is the utmost sincere and intimate window into your self.The camera spins around you as if to reason with your curves, anticipate your movements, and play with your emotions. The softness of your beauty is enhanced and caressed with love and care. Being nervous and apprehensive is all part of the experience. It helps you find your inner beauty and a loving serious commitment to your body. The experience is therapeutic and exhilarating.All of us have those unpleasing flaws that make us unique. Our tendency is to place those flaws at the mercy of others, constantly depreciating our value in ourselves. Confidence seems to only come from our shopping bags, our closets and our new face creams. But we are wrong! Our confidence is sometimes like an invisible serpent that connives and harms our true worth, allowing us to believe what really is worthy, smart and sexy. That serpent gets put in its place when we take care of ourselves. Drinking plenty of water, exercising, relaxing, cuddling and bettering ourselves is just the beginning. Pampering ourselves is the very next step in changing our attitudes about our bodies.I don’t need therapy! lol of course, we do. Boudoir Photography allows us to let go. Let go of our worries, our frustrations, our inhibitions, our bank balance, our pressures, even our aches and pains. Boudoir now, is being introduced into all types of Photography. Maternity Sessions often depict our beautiful pregnant abdomens or even our baby bumps with sheer fabrics and glowing studio lights along our naked skin. Breast feeding our infants and allowing the light to cascade along our fair skins. Holding hands and touching another is all part of our abilities to be intimate with our bodies. Pampering our body starts with just that.Pampering ourselves on front of a camera opens up a forbidden door. No, there’s that serpent again! Allowing ourselves to explore our sensuality and open ourselves to accepting our bodies has no shame. Our lives are inner twined with crazy life’s up and downs. Allowing all our walls to come down and change our doors to become open creates acceptance, peace and light.When you first schedule your session, you will be excitingly nervous. Your fear of letting go is scary and unpredictable. What should you expect to calm those nerves?After you have made that appointment, you will want to find a few things that you already own. Yes, you can go shopping, but you certainly don’t have to! Gather a few undergarments, even that shabby nightie that you own. (we all have one) a scarf, belt, pair of shoes, and a T-shirt. The night before arrival of your Session, take a long bath, drink lots of water, use oils and perfumes and condition your hair, a maintenance night you might say.At the arrival at your Session, you will be offered a glass of wine. A Hair/Make Up Artist will start with you giving you that fresh polished look! As your Photographer, I will be getting to know you and starting to feel out your openness, or your boundaries. You are in complete control of your session. I will offer some Artistic Ideas and traditional ideas to help you start to paint a picture of your session. This allows you to start feeling your emotions of excitement and readiness to open up and feel comfortable.A few images will be captured when you are posed and ready to start. These images are just tests, sometimes getting you comfortable with the lights and awareness of the studio, your photographer, and your surroundings. The camera and myself will see your curves and play on the lights, showing you images in the camera, allowing you to absorb your own beauty as the camera sees it. You will begin to lower your inhibitions and ease your mind. The rest of the shooting becomes accessible and desired because you will begin to love your self and the images, you will feel desired by your own love again.When the Session is over, you will feel exhilarated and complete. The images you have from your session will be a only a few moments in time, but they will forever be your favorite to look back on. You will only look like you do Today, for that once in your Life! You will value the love you found and always feel after you’ve had a Boudoir Session! 
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