Hi there! I am Chani (pronounced like “Shawni”)  
I have been a Model for over 20 years.  I was on the other side of the camera with make up artists and fancy outfits with Wardrobe Assistants.  I have been part of Commercial and Print, Editorial and Artistic Shoots.  I started having visions of how I wanted an image to look and then I started to learn the camera.
Today… I see everything in a frame, with creativity flowing.  I love to capture the moments in life that seem to disappear in our memories.  Those little moments or those big moments that seem to dissipate with time.  You forget the little smirk or that blushing moment of excitement, or that extremely happy feeling that suddenly is gone tomorrow when that special someone is busy with life’s crazies or you are.
Let’s capture today’s emotions and today’s thoughts and make life what it’s all about…memories!

ShutterPix Portfolio

I typically shoot with bright airy and bold colors on the beach, for weddings and families.  Boudoir shoots I lean more to subdued colors and tones with black and whites and matte finishes with flawless beautiful smoothing of your skin, touches of highlights for your features.  If you are looking for more contrast and artistic shots then it is my forte!!  I love moscow, rich and dark tones, showing off shadows and emotions.  I love people and places of interest.  I love designing a unique package inspired by both of our imaginations. If you want a session but don’t know what you want, then I suggest you browse my gallery and pick out a look you like.  I will promise you, that together we will get a beautiful gallery of images we are both proud of!
I pin looks on pinterest too.  So, if you have social media, I am easy to find….  find me, and we can plan your next Photography Session 😉 or click on any of the icons on the pages….  
361-816-8034 or call/text me!!